Lär känna Gavin, vår nya systemutvecklare och 3D-artist


Charlotte Hulterstam


Vi välkomnar Gavin som ny kollega här på Gaia.

Hello Gavin, who are you and what is your profession? 

Hi there! I am a young designer, artist and developer from the Republic of Ireland. At Gaia I primarily work on innovation projects in the areas of 3D development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

What made you choose Gaia?

When I first moved to Norrköping, Sweden I was immediately stricken by the refreshing approach to creating digital content that Gaia put forward. The company clearly had a strong emphasis on making employees comfortable and motivating a team with a broad list of competences.

Gaia was top of my list when it came to discovering a company here that allowed me to express my inner creativity while also having the opportunity to build the systems to make that creativity work. As someone who likes to apply various skills to their projects; Gaia gave me the chance to show what I can do both visually and with code.

If you were to brag about any of your skills, which one would that be?

I think it is rare that you find developers who comfortably toggle between the artistic side of developing creative projects, as well as the technical side. I enjoy being able to work between multiple disciplines and applying my abilities to UI design, UX design, coding and project management.

What are you up to when you’re not at work? Any special interests or activities?

For nearly 10 years I have been a hobbyist game developer with some professional experience also. Most days when I go home I am thinking about my personal projects. Aside from game development, I also enjoy digital painting, graphic design, pixel art, watching a lot of TV shows, reading fantasy books and playing lots of video games!

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