Real-Time data streaming for your transit services

Real-time is about more than just technology. Everyone involved in creating exceptional passenger experiences must have access to accurate information and make informed decisions at every moment.

Gaia Public Transport is a state-of-the-art cloud platform that seamlessly connects internal and external traffic data systems, letting real-time information flow through your fleet. Its central logic facilitates the delivery of accurate information to passengers, drivers, traffic controllers, and traffic informants.

A single source of truth for passenger & traffic information

Public Transport Authorities and Operators can rely on Gaia Public Transport to consistently understand real-time traffic events and to share one truth about past and present traffic conditions. Making traffic and information easy to manage in real-time.

Future-proof your public transport

Gaia Public Transport is a cloud-native software solution that meets current and future travel requirements. The Digital Twins structure facilitates adding information and functionality related to vehicles, trips, passengers and stops – making your services future-proof.

Maximize the value of previous investments

Gaia Public Transport seamlessly integrates with and enhances the value of your current systems. The platform serves as the connective glue between internal systems, vehicle systems, and open data sources. It supports integration with standards such as NeTex, SIRI, NOPTIS, and GTFS. We actively participate in ITxPT initiatives, promoting standardized communication and innovation.

Key benefits of
the Next-generation
Real-time Platform

  • A scalable infrastructure designed for the massive data volumes generated by real-time information

  • Responsive action to traffic events through logical functions and AI algorithms

  • Utilizes best-of-breed cloud tools and features for data streaming

  • Low investment threshold, making it easy to get started

Real-Time Passenger Information

Provide your passengers with the most reliable real-time information

In today’s fast-paced world, reliable and up-to-date information is essential for travelers to choose public transportation. With Gaia Public Transport, you can provide real-time information, secure forecasts, and relevant updates during incidents and disruptions. Enhancing your passenger experience and fostering trust and confidence in your services.

Consistent, accurate passenger information across all channels

Gaia Public Transport helps you collect, create, and distribute critical information to passengers through all available channels, including onboard vehicles, mobile apps, and signage at stops and transport hubs.

Onboard software for intelligent passenger information

Our Vehicle Platform features intelligent applications for destination signage, digital in-vehicle signage and stop announcements, ensuring the best possible passenger experience. The platform is connected to central logic, allowing the creation of passenger information that accounts for disruptions, traffic diversions, other vehicles, vehicle capacity, and planned trips.

Universal Traffic Control

Get ready for your future MaaS demands

Public transport plays a crucial role in promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable travel. We aim to make public transport the go-to option for travelers by making it accessible and reliable. Future travel will involve a mix of scheduled and on-demand trips, and the simpler it is to plan and book these journeys, the better the passenger experience will be.

A close-up on a display showing Gaia Public Transports' Traffic Control.

Flexible trip management for all types of traffic

Gaia Public Transport is designed to manage both scheduled and demand-responsive transit services, constantly focusing on daily traffic events. Traffic controllers can easily modify routes, set up replacement services, and activate on-demand transportation, all with the support of advanced routing engines that prioritize passenger safety and efficient bus operations.

View your real-time traffic performance

Gain an unparalleled overview of your real-time traffic performance, with visualizations of punctuality, occupancy rates, and the impact of disruptions on vehicles.

Beneficial even without fixed onboard technology

Our platform can be used together with Gaia Public Transport’s driver support app Pilot Mobile. It allows vehicles without fixed onboard technology to connect to the Traffic Control Application through the driver’s mobile. Trips become visible as drivers accept and commence trips, and real-time updates are displayed within the app.

Digital Guidance

Digital aids for inclusive public transport

Public transportation should be accessible and available for everyone. For individuals with special needs, such as older people, the visually impaired, or those with other limitations, traveling by bus or train can be challenging and at times even impossible. By using Gaia Public Transport’s real-time engine, you can create new smart functionality and services for those people.

Accessible public transport for the Visually Impaired

The app Guide is a visual aid specifically designed to support public transport journeys for visually impaired passengers. This user-friendly mobile app features text-to-speech functionality, allowing users to plan their trips, receive guidance to the appropriate stop and vehicle, and receive a notification when it’s time to disembark. The app has gained significant recognition and has been successfully implemented in a pilot program for visually impaired users in central Sweden.

“I feel safe using the app. It made me start traveling by Public Transport.”

A participant in a test group evaluating the app.

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring

Advanced Real-time traffic analytics

To deliver the best possible public transport, we need to observe and understand the traffic while measuring the quality of our information and punctuality. Gaia Public Transport offers a cutting-edge platform for real-time and near-real-time traffic monitoring analysis. It gives you access to crucial information immediately.

Get access to crucial public transit data:

  • GPS data; positions and speeds
  • Punctuality in relation to planned journeys
  • Passenger numbers and occupancy levels
  • Deviations and disruptions
  • Diversions and detours
  • Device status and system events

Measure the quality of your trips

Gain an instant, comprehensive view of traffic punctuality, congestion, and system status through real-time visualizations. Easily assess the quality of passenger information announcements and signage updates by reviewing previous trips.

Sophisticated Transport Data Analysis

We use standard data storage and optimization platforms for more sophisticated analysis, enabling information visualization through Microsoft Power BI. Make data-driven decisions to continually enhance your public transport operations.