Elevate your Passenger experiences

Ensure a positive travel experience for passengers and drivers by providing the most accurate, real-time information before and during trips. It becomes increasingly important when something doesn’t go as planned.

With an Online Vehicle Platform, you can display essential, up-to-date information to passengers and drivers at all times. The platform includes offline logic and recovery for a consistent passenger experience.

Effortless real-time information updates

Gaia Public Transport’s connected vehicle platform consistently displays essential, up-to-date information to passengers and drivers. Its centralized intelligence enables real-time updates on disruptions, deviations, predictions, and connecting vehicles.

One software solution for various hardware and generations

Onboard vehicle technology typically has a shorter lifespan than vehicles, making it challenging to maintain over extended periods. Gaia Public Transport’s online vehicle platform is developed for compatibility with multiple technology platforms, allowing hardware from various suppliers and generations to function together.

ITxPT standards for smoother collaboration

Using our platform, you can embrace ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) standards, ensuring seamless integration with devices from numerous suppliers.

Key benefits
of the Software Platform

  • Connected platform with central intelligence.

  • Driver support application with the aim of offering the best driving environment on the market.
  • One solution supports multiple hardware platforms.

  • Extensive device management and monitoring.

PILOT – A Driver Assistance

Simplifying the Digital Landscape for Enhanced Passenger Safety

The work environment for drivers has become increasingly complex due to digitized functions and coexisting applications from various suppliers. Gaia Public Transport’s driver support ensures simplified access to vital information and appropriate applications at every moment, guaranteeing passenger safety.

Manage passenger information with Gaia Public Transport’s Driver Support

Our driver support feature provides vital information about ongoing journeys, including navigation guidance, upcoming stops, and regulated departure times. It also empowers drivers to manage the passenger information system, allowing manual signage adjustments for route changes or fully occupied vehicles.

Central Traffic Control

The connected vehicle platform ensures that the information displayed in the central Traffic Control Application reflects the vehicle’s data. It enables traffic control to identify vehicles with manually updated signs easily. The platform also includes features to address situations where a vehicle loses network connectivity.

The Driver support is compatible with touch devices operating on Windows or Android.

Pilot Mobile

A Driver Assistance App for On-the-Go Connectivity

Keep vehicles without onboard technology, such as replacement buses and paratransit vehicles, connected and visible in Gaia Public Transport’s Traffic Control Application by using our driver support mobile app. In the same way as the full-feature app, Drivers receive assignments, navigation assistance, and communication with traffic control through this app. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


Onboard signage and Auditory Announcements

Enhanced Passenger Information

Offer your passengers the most accurate, up-to-date information during their journey. Passengers must be able to rely on the estimated times for upcoming stops, and announcements must be made promptly before a stop.

Intelligent In-vehicle Apps

Gaia Public Transport features apps for in-vehicle displays displaying upcoming stops and current disruptions. Additionally, it features apps for intelligent destination signage and auditory announcements. All apps are connected to the central logic system considering the distance, speed, and current traffic conditions. AI algorithms consider variables such as time of day, day of the week, major events, or unforeseen incidents.

Cross-platform compatibility

The apps are built with container technology, allowing them to run on various hardware platforms, supporting Linux, Windows, and Android.

Device Management and Over-The-Air Updates

Elevate Passenger Trust by monitoring your Onboard Devices

Delivering accurate and reliable information to passengers is crucial for public transportation to be perceived as safe and dependable. However, many transportation companies face challenges in monitoring and maintaining the quality of their passenger information systems. It can lead to persistent errors in equipment and information for extended periods without being detected or addressed.

Keeping your In-vehicle Devices up to date

Gaia Public Transport offers one of the market’s most advanced platforms for ensuring top-quality passenger information and driver support. Through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, centralized device management, comprehensive logging, and in-depth analysis, the platform safeguards the status and functionality of onboard technology.

Key Benefits with Advanced Device Management:

  • Improved Uptime – Rapid detection and resolution of potential disruptions ensure seamless system functionality.
  • Scalability – Device management leverages cutting-edge features of the Azure cloud platform, designed to handle millions of devices.
  • OTA updates – Centralized management enables automated software distribution and updates across the entire vehicle fleet. Ensures security and optimizes device handling.