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It is time to ensure that passengers, drivers, operators, and authorities share one truth of past and present traffic conditions. Gaia Public Transport gives you the tools to make mobility sustainable, reliable, and accessible.

Unlock the power of your Real-Time data

Get unparalleled access to enormous amounts of streamed real-time data to efficiently operate, optimize, and analyze your transport network. Using our powerful real-time engine, you can ensure that everyone always has access to the most up-to-date information. Create real-time functions that allow you to act based on events across your network, avoiding disruptions and keeping your passengers moving smoothly.

One solution
adapted to your needs

For Public
Transport Authorities

Future-proof your services. Enhance the passenger experience by managing your trips centrally, measuring the quality of your services and implementing new intelligent functionality as the world develops.

For Public
Transport Operators

Control all your vehicle technology with ease, regardless of the hardware onboard. One software solution that scales effortlessly and manages your real-time operations.

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For Partners

Get a flexible, white-labeled web app solution and management system. Customized for you as a Vehicle builder, Operator, and Manufacturer of vehicle technology or displays.

What other PEOPLE say

“As someone living with visual impairment, public transportation can often be a struggle due to the lack of accessible information.

With the help of the app that Gaia has created, we can access the type of information we need for a trip. It creates an incredible sense of safety.”

Anders Näkne

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired


“With this complex data gathered and provided to me, I can finally understand what’s going on in the vehicles and the traffic. It improves the quality of our services to the customers.”


Albert Gunnarsson

System Integrator, Östgötatrafiken

Key benefits

Share one truth

Gather all data in one place. Manage your traffic centrally and distribute relevant information consistently among all parties involved in public transport. Share one truth about past and present traffic conditions.

Earn your passengers’ trust

Ensure that your passengers can access accurate information at all times. Shape information due to delays, disruptions, rerouting, and passenger load, and measure the real-time quality of your services to improve the passenger experience.

Integrate with everything

One standardized software solution that can integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems. It is easy to implement and reduces the need for new expensive hardware investments.

Future-proof your services

Future-proof your transport system with a flexible, easy-to-update platform that can handle all kinds of journeys. Efficiently implement new functionality, scale your fleet, and adapt it to evolving travel demands.

Frequently asked questions

What’s in the box?2023-05-22T17:26:20+02:00

Gaia Public Transport is a real-time platform including four different applications, aimed at different users:

  • A web portal for Public Transport Authorities and Operators with functions for central administration, real-time operation and monitoring.
  • A driver support including information, communication and navigation functions.
  • Onboard information – Destination signs, inner displays and audio alerts to provide correct and updated information to the passengers.
  • A mobile agent with passenger guidance and personalized information, and a mobile app for field technicians.
What does it take to get started?2023-05-19T13:49:13+02:00

Since Gaia Public Transport can collect data from several sources, it’s easy to get started. The only thing required is some kind of hardware that can transmit information from the vehicles. In Sweden, Gaia Public Transport can use national open data from the public transportation access point TrafikLab. The software and configuration can be distributed to devices on the vehicles through the cloud, without new hardware installations onboard. It makes it cost-effective and easy to combine with other existing systems.

How does Gaia Public Transport use digital twins?2023-05-19T13:48:50+02:00
Gaia Public Transport creates and uses real-time digital twin entities within the public transport domain such as vehicles, journeys, and people. Each physical entity and object has its own digital representation that executes and runs in real-time and can act on its planned data or occurring events. The digital twins are constantly updated and retain the state of their physical twins. It makes it possible to apply logic and rules in the cloud to create and control relevant information at any given moment. This information is distributed in all channels to all stakeholders in real-time.
For whom is Gaia Public Transport?2023-05-24T07:45:17+02:00
Gaia Public Transport is for everyone who operates some kind of passenger traffic; Public Traffic Authorities, Operators, and regions working with traffic planning and operations. The software system is made for the passenger as well, which is a central part of our solution.

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