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Who we are

At Gaia, we’re a group of developers working on projects that truly make a difference. We work in-house and collaborate from our offices in Norrköping and Linköping. In our teams, you’ll find a mix of people who have been with Gaia for a long time and those who have just graduated from university. Regardless of where you are in your career, you can always bring new knowledge and experience to our teams.

We’re proud of our Gaia spirit which affects all aspects of our work. With us, you get the opportunity to shape your everyday life in balance with everything else going on in life. We believe in building strong relationships, both inside and outside the office walls, so you’re always welcome to join us for an after-work or game night!

People working at Gaia, talking to each other, laughing.
People talking to each other in our Gaia Public Transport lab.

What we do

At Gaia, we choose to work on projects that make people’s everyday lives easier and that can contribute to a sustainable world. For 30 years, we have created smart solutions and tailored systems for clients such as Stadium, Returpack, and BillerudKorsnäs. Five years ago, we started working on an exciting project with Östgötatrafiken, the Public Transport Authority of Östergötland. This adventure introduced us to a complex world of buses, timetables, vehicle technology, and real-time information. Today, we proudly offer our product Gaia Public Transport for tomorrow’s sustainable traveling.

Work with the latest technology

If you are driven by constantly learning, you’ll thrive at Gaia. One of our driving forces is utilizing cutting-edge technology to create new opportunities for our customers. Our specialties are:

  • Cloud development with Microsoft Azure
  • Data and AI with Microsoft Azure Synapse and Azure ML
  • IoT development with Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge
  • Device and mobile development on Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Web development with Typescript, Angular, and Blazor

Does any of these fields sound extra exciting to you? Get in touch!

Want to join
our team?

Are you passionate about programming that makes a difference? Regardless of whether you are looking for an internship, a master’s thesis or a job, we are always open to talk more. You can get in touch by email or apply for one of the available positions below.

  • Are you a Data Engineer or Business Intelligence developer looking to take the next step and develop on Microsoft's new cloud platforms for data analysis and AI? Then this role might be for you! At Gaia, we specialize in products and services for public transportation and sustainable travel.

    Norrköping / Linköping / Hybrid

  • Are you passionate about programming that makes a difference? We’re in the process of innovating a product that will redefine sustainable travel. Join us in solving complex problems using cutting-edge technology.

    Norrköping / Linköping / Hybrid

  • Are you interested in working with us but cannot find a suitable position? Whether you are looking for a Master's thesis project, an internship, or a job, submit an open application and we can talk more!


Our locations

Our offices are located in the modern Kopparhusen at Kungsgatan in Norrköping and at Dospace in Linköping, conveniently located near the central station. Additionally, we offer flexible work arrangements, including work-from-home opportunities.


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Vi lekte buss och blev navigerade hela vägen till lyxlunchen - den rutten borde vi köra oftare 🥳🚌
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Välkommen Felix – vår nya systemutvecklare!👨‍💻⁠
🎉 Kul för oss att börja det nya året med en ny gaian på Norrköpingskontoret! Felix gillar allt från backendutveckling till brädspelskvällar och diskgolf med kompisarna. Nu har han varit här i drygt en månad och vi passade på att ställa några frågor för att se hur första tiden på Gaia varit 🙌
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