Top 3 Trends at IT-Trans 2024

Published 2024-05-31

Emilia på Gaia

Emilia Larsson

Head of Communication

We’re back in Sweden after a week in Germany at IT-Trans 2024, a conference and exhibition for public transport technology. It brought together experts and innovators from all around Europe. Here are the top three trends that stood out this year, reflecting the latest advancements and practical applications in public transportation.

1. Embracing New Technologies

IT-Trans is a great place to follow the development in the industry and meet innovators with new solutions for more sustainable traveling. This year, we noticed a growing openness to adopting new technologies that offer greater flexibility. Integrated systems and mobility are crucial for accommodating the dynamic needs of modern urban mobility. It fosters collaboration between public transport authorities, operators, tech companies, and cities.

2. Formation of Data Communities

The growing amount of data collection in public transport creates both opportunities and challenges. At IT-Trans, there were discussions on the importance of building strong data communities and using data standards. Stakeholders with access to data must start sharing and utilizing it collaboratively. This paves the way for optimizing services, improving performance, and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

3. AI Integration in Public Transport

AI has grown significantly in society and is now starting to make its way into public transport. However, integrating AI into older systems remains a challenge. Modern solutions are beginning to incorporate AI to enhance efficiency and service quality. Our own “AI Traffic Assistant” garnered much interest, showcasing how AI can be effectively utilized in modern public transport solutions.

In Summary

IT-Trans 2024 highlighted the industry’s technical advancements, the importance of collaboration, and the integration of AI as key trends shaping the future of public transport. These trends drive the industry towards more efficient, data-driven, and adaptable solutions. Public transport is becoming increasingly important in creating sustainable societies. At Gaia, we are excited to be part of this evolution, continuously working to improve mobility for everyone.