From Media Technology studies to Gaia – say hello to our new developer, Jenny!

Published 2023-09-21

A profile picture of Emilia Larsson at Gaia.

Emilia Larsson

Head of Communication

The autumn is here, and we can finally welcome Jenny Rudemo – our new system developer – to Gaia. The former Stockholm resident has lived in Norrköping for five years and studied Media Technology at Linköping University. She liked the city so much that she wanted to stay, and it’s now time for her next step with us at Gaia! We’ve asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Welcome to Gaia! How does it feel to be here? 

It feels great! Being part of the friendly atmosphere here is fun – everyone has warmly welcomed me.

How did you end up in Norrköping? 

I’m from Älvsjö in Stockholm, but moved to Norrköping to start my engineering studies in Media Technology. I had visited Norrköping once before and really liked the city – I was charmed by the stream and all the old buildings. Plus, everything’s close by! So it felt good to move here. After five years of study, I felt like staying and that’s when I turned to Gaia!

Awesome! How does it feel to start working now after five years of studying? 

It feels good! Studies involved a lot of individual responsibility, but now at Gaia, it’s more collective. We help each other solve problems and take responsibility, so it’s a completely different feeling of community. I haven’t stopped learning, but I’m learning in different ways here!

eople at our office in Norrköping, standing in front of a computer and talking to each other.

Jenny with some colleagues at our Norrköping office.

What do you like the most with programming? 

I like the mix of creativity and problem-solving in programming. The most fun part is working with user experience, frontend development, and designing interfaces. Understanding how the brain works and how users perceive different interfaces is exciting.

What have you been working on so far? 

I started with some smaller tasks where I got familiar with the framework we use. Then, I jumped into a project, which was fun. Now, I’m working on one part of Gaia Public Transport – specifically the driver support that assists bus drivers in their work. I’m working on the interface for an updated driver support app we’re developing.

Nice! What do you like to do when you’re not in the office? 

I dance a lot of Lindy Hop! But I also like doing various things with others – everything from game nights and dinners to exercising in nature.

We’re happy that Jenny has joined us. Are you also interested in being a part of the team? Read more on our Career Page.