Welcome Felix – our new system developer!

Published 2024-02-14

A profile picture of Emilia Larsson at Gaia.

Emilia Larsson

Head of Communication

This year started with a new system developer at the Norrköping office – say hello to Felix Goding. Now, he has begun to settle into his new day-to-day life, and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions to get to know him better.

Welcome to Gaia, Felix! How does it feel to be here?

It feels great! I’ve felt welcomed from day one. I like that it’s such a social office and a good vibe. We gather for breakfast, lunch, and coffee daily, so it’s easy to talk to and get to know others in the office, regardless of role and project.

Nice to hear! What did you do before you started at Gaia?

I was a backend developer at a software company where I also did my thesis work. Before that, I studied for a Master of Science in Computer Science at Linköping University, with a master’s in secure systems. During my master’s, I enjoyed specializing in a specific topic, and even today, I like to stay updated on what’s happening in the security field.

Now you’ve been here for a month – what have you got to do so far?

I got to jump straight into the development of our product, Gaia Public Transport, through some concrete tasks to become familiar with the code. Among other things, I’ve looked at a new infrastructure for sending information out to buses. It has been great for getting an overview of the application’s structure.

A portrait picture of our system developer Felix Goding in Gaia's lab.

Felix in our Gaia Public Transport lab at the Norrköping office.

What do you like most about programming?

Backend development, so working with databases and building up stable and responsive servers. It would be fun to try out a bit more frontend as well, but it’s backend I’ve focused on the most previously and what I find most enjoyable.

Where can we find you when you’re not at the office?

Probably at a computer or board game night with friends or my partner, or out on a disc golf course. I started playing disc golf during the pandemic with some friends – and now we’re a whole group that has been playing for three years. We’ve been around different disc golf courses in Östergötland but also went on a disc golf trip to Åland, so that’s fun!

That sounds fun! What do you like most about Norrköping?

Apart from the disc golf course, I like that everything is so close in Norrköping. I previously worked in Linköping and had to commute, but now it’s really nice to have a 10-minute door-to-door. Also, I like that it’s such a cozy city with the industrial landscape and the stream and close to the forest!

We are happy that Felix has joined us. Are you also interested in becoming one of the gang? Read more on our career page.