Say hello to our new developers: Sara, Jacob & Hanna!

Published 2022-09-15

A profile picture of Emilia Larsson at Gaia.

Emilia Larsson

Head of Communication

At last, they’re here – our three new Gaia team members: Sara, Jacob, and Hanna. They come straight from Linköping University and are ready to tackle new challenges as system developers. We asked them a few questions to get to know them better.

Welcome to Gaia. How does it feel to be here?

Hanna: It feels great, genuinely! Everyone is very kind and easy to talk to. Also, starting at the same time as Sara and Jacob feels good; we can be newbies together. I couldn’t be more done with all the studying, so I’ve felt ready to come here and start working!

Sara: I agree with Hanna. It feels great and fun to be here! Everyone in the office has warmly welcomed us, and they seem excited that we’ve started. It’s really a joy to come here every day! 

Jacob: I also find it exciting to finally be here! By becoming part of a team immediately, I found a context and people to discuss ideas with straight away. It feels like a natural way to get integrated and learn. After all the courses and all the studying at the university, I’ve also felt very prepared for the next step – getting to work on real projects.

Nice! What did you do before you started here?

Hanna: I’m from Stockholm but moved to Norrköping to study the Media Technology Engineering program. I was active in various associations during my study period, including a women-focused group in the program. I got to know Gaia early on as they are still one of the main sponsors. Now it’s exciting to be on the other side. 

Jacob: I studied Computer Engineering in Linköping. I’m originally from Norrköping, so the move wasn’t that far. During my master’s, I leaned more toward the technical side, focusing on cyber security, AI, and ML (machine learning). After graduation, I moved back to Norrköping, and now I’m here! 

Sara: I’m from Sala but moved to Linköping to study Computer Engineering, just like Jacob. However, my master’s specialization was towards web and UX to get closer to the end-users. I was also active in various associations during my study period, which was fun.

Where can we find you when you’re not at the office?

Hanna: Out in nature on a hiking trail or paddling on some lake! Or at home working on a creative project. I like to channel my creativity during my free time to be more logical at work. I’ve just started a pottery course, which is exciting! 

Sara: Either at home cooking, in the cinema with my partner, or at the badminton court with some friends. I like to keep myself busy and often start new projects at home. 

Jacob: Out playing disc golf or regular golf with friends. It could also be at a friend’s place watching football. I enjoy hanging out with my buddies in different settings, preferably involving some activity.

We are happy that Sara, Jacob & Hanna have become part of our team. Do you want to work with us too? On our careers page, you can read more about the expertise we are currently looking for.