Webinar: Rerouting and optimization – in real-time [In Swedish]

Published 2021-10-27

Temporarily closed stops, roadwork, and accidents are all events that often require real-time changes to ongoing traffic. Watch the recorded webinar, where we showcase features that can assist traffic management in resolving these situations and problems.

In Gaia Public Transport, we have integrated powerful and fast routing engines that can determine new routes in real-time for urgent incidents and support drivers and passengers on board the vehicles. We address all demand-driven actions like reinforcement trips, replacement trips, and order traffic within the current traffic day. During the webinar, we demonstrated Gaia Public Transport’s new cloud-based routing features for editing existing and new driving links. Watch the webinar with Johan Lindén and Björn Götestrand to learn more. You can find more of our webinars on our YouTube channel.

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