Together with DOSPACE, we can now offer office spaces outside of Östergötland

Published 2021-10-21

We now welcome you who want to work at Gaia outside of Östergötland. Through our new partnership with the coworking company DOSPACE, we can offer office spaces nationwide.

Following a pandemic where remote work dominated, we have adopted new habits and seen a change in how we work. We’ve realized that running projects digitally and collaborating remotely works unexpectedly well. At the same time, we began working towards new industries and saw the need for further specialized skills. Therefore, we need to broaden our horizons and make it possible to recruit people who want to work with the absolute latest technology, regardless of which part of Sweden they work from. Johan Lindén, CEO of Gaia, says: 

“We will continue to have the base for our development teams in Östergötland, but realized that we need to look beyond the region to acquire technical expertise and industry knowledge in new areas.” 

Starting a collaboration with DOSPACE

To enable an excellent way of working for people outside the region, we have chosen to start a collaboration with the coworking company DOSPACE. This means that a membership at one of DOSPACE’s sites becomes the solution for Gaia members in other cities where DOSPACE operates. 

“For us, it is always essential as an employer to be an enabler for innovation, engagement, and ensuring our employees can balance work and life. Therefore, this feels completely in line with how we have always worked, but we can now take it a step further and, together with DOSPACE, offer office spaces nationwide,” says Lindén.

Johan Lindén, CEO of Gaia, and Niclas Söör, CEO of DOSPACE, sitting and talking on a couch.

Johan Lindén, CEO of Gaia, and Niclas Söör, CEO of DOSPACE, discuss the new partnership.

Our Linköping office is moving now

The first concrete step in the collaboration is when Gaia’s employees in Linköping move into DOSPACE’s site Alfa. Björn Götestrand, Head of Innovation at Gaia, based in Linköping, is looking forward to the new partnership: 

“It feels exciting to move to a new office and context. We will both have our own office section and access to other areas where we can meet people from different industries, which feels exhilarating. Plus, I like that we can now choose where we sit and work.”

Niclas Söör from DOSPACE and Björn Götestrand from Gaia are sitting on a stair.

Niclas Söör from DOSPACE and Björn Götestrand from Gaia at our new Linköping office.

Image of the interior at DOSPACE Alfa.

A part of the common area in DOSPACE Alfa’s premises.

Currently, DOSPACE is located in four locations in central Sweden and plans several expansions. They also have a partnership with House Be, which means they are located in 11 locations around Sweden today, where we can offer workplaces for Gaia members. 

“It is always delightful to collaborate with actors like Gaia who think like us; that as an employer, you create attraction by enabling a good work-life for your employees. One way to do this is to offer employees a good workplace regardless of their residence. It’s especially exciting that the two of us, companies based in Östergötland, are pioneering the new way of working,” says Niclas Söör, CEO of DOSPACE.

Do you want to work with the latest technology together with us at Gaia? And get the opportunity to choose where you work from? Contact us! On our career page, you can read more about the expertise we are currently seeking.