Webinar: Traveling Without Sight [in Swedish]

Published 2022-03-29

When vision is limited or disappears entirely, one needs other ways to absorb information in everyday life. But how do we ensure that people with visual impairments can access this information? What problems exist today? These were some of the questions we addressed during our latest webinar.

When traveling by public transport, getting to the correct stop and vehicle and knowing when to get off is crucial. In the webinar on the 23rd of March, we got a visit from Anders Näkne from the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired, who is visually impaired. He shared everyday challenges and discussed what you could do to create more inclusive public transportation. We also had Fredrik Knutson from our team at Gaia, who talked about the digital solutions we’ve been working on to facilitate everyday life for people with special needs. Watch the webinar where Emilia Larsson from Gaia interviews Anders and Fredrik. You can find more of our webinars on our YouTube channel.

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