We work from Östergötland, what about you?

Published 2021-06-08

Over the past year, we have had to learn to work in new ways, with team members working from home and clients spread across the country. It was an eye-opener that made us realize we can have team members outside Östergötland.

Work with the latest technology

Are you particularly sharp on Cloud or IoT and want to work with solutions at the absolute forefront? Are you also interested in vehicle technology and public transport? Get in touch! We are now opening doors for those who want to work in an innovative environment where you get to develop the latest technology. 

“We don’t know any other player that is as forward-thinking and breaking new ground as we are right now. Therefore, we have realized that we need to broaden our horizons and find the best developers, whether they are in Östergötland or other parts of Sweden,” says Johan Lindén, CEO of Gaia.

Create digital solutions that really make a difference

If you have a sense of how digital solutions can make everyday life easier for people while working with what you love – programming and technology – you will enjoy working at Gaia. You get to create smart digital solutions that really make a difference. At Gaia, we work on projects in in-house teams where you and your colleagues are responsible for entire client projects. Innovation, commitment, and a desire to see the user are important to us. But it is equally important to make room for life, dreams, and professional development. We are proud of the down-to-earth atmosphere that allows everyone, both new graduates and veterans, to contribute new knowledge and experience. 

What does Gaia do? 

Our craft is to build cloud-based solutions that connect complex systems and processes by creating user-friendly interfaces, information visualizations, and intelligence. Particular focus is on solutions for connected devices – IoT – and for insights, decision support, and intelligence with Data & AI. 

IoT (Internet of Things)

In IoT, we develop cloud solutions with models for digital twins that collect, analyze, and respond to real-time information. The solutions support applications in healthcare, public transport, and smart cities. Within the assignments, we have gained extensive experience in device management and distributed functionality – edge intelligence. 

Data & AI

Our Data & AI solutions create opportunities to collect and analyze business data and information, providing insights for making the right decisions. For a long time, we have created solutions with Business Intelligence to structure and analyze the data available in our clients’ business systems. Today, the solutions have moved to the cloud. They are complemented by AI techniques such as machine learning and cognitive services. This provides the opportunity to analyze and find patterns in real-time information, unstructured information, and huge data sets. 

A good user experience

The user is at the center of all the solutions we create. Within our assignments, we work with several methods to ensure good UX – a good user experience. User interfaces are developed for several platforms, mostly web or mobile devices, but we also work with chat, sound, and VR.

Does this sound interesting to you? Read more about our available positions on our career page.